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A book about the essence of 12-Step recovery








Patricia Major Reed was a professional writer for academia (including Stanford University) and the high tech industry for more than 25 years. She is also a published poet, and is now turning her attention to an area of long-time interest: spirituality in recovery.

As a non-denominational licensed minister and, for more than 25 years, a spiritual peer counselor, she has helped people develop a stronger spirituality in recovery.


She has also researched the religious and spiritual customs of other cultures by traveling throughout the world, and has done extensive research on both traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices. She believes that anyone, no matter what their beliefs, can develop a unique and personal spirituality -- with or without God or religion.

Author's Statement

My passion is to free people from worn out ideas about spirituality so they can assemble a set of beliefs that really work for them! My favorite readers are seekers who have unique ideas about spirituality, religion, and God (or NO God)!

I now have the life I've always wanted, but learned everything the hard way. I value confusion (it worked for me!) -- it's an honest platform from which to jump into a real sense of purpose and happiness. I've spent most of my awake time in the pursuit of feeling right within myself, and that journey included just about anything you can do to feel better or different: overdoing substances and activities, various religions, no religion, service to others, selfishness, international travel, parachute jumping, staying home, high-tech jobs, marriage, divorce, marriage, divorce, marriage, divorce, marriage (well, I think I have that one sorted out now), friendships, education, and ongoing inward exploration.

I also embrace open-mindedness, as long I remember to balance it with actual discernment (which seems to improve with age). It has never mattered to me what your personal preferences and life style might be, although I confess that I strongly dislike hypocrisy. Be real and you've got my attention; be fake and I have better things to do with my time. And I believe that each of us is doing the best we can do, given all of the pieces of who we are and where we came from. Creativity seems to be a natural urge and since there's no end to it, we can all just keep growing and learning.

I've finally managed to retire from the "daily grind" so that I can spend my time writing fiction, nonfiction and poetry, reading, meditating, learning to play the piano again, visiting with friends, making new friends, being a grandmother to two of my favorite people, being part of a wonderful family, being a contributing citizen locally and of the world, and walking alongside my husband -- along the beach, among the redwoods, and in every aspect of life.











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The information in this book relates to all Twelve-Step programs, including:

Alcoholics Anonymous,
Narcotics Anonymous,
Cocaine Anonymous,
Overeaters Anonymous, Smokers Anonymous,
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous,
Debtors Anonymous,
Gamblers Anonymous,
Nicotine Anonymous,
Adult Children of Alcoholics, Clutterers Anonymous,
Dual Recovery Anonymous,
Spenders Anonymous,
Vulgarity Anonymous,
Emotional Health Anonymous,
Dual Disorders Anonymous,
Marijuana Anonymous,
Recovering Couples Anonymous,
Professional Artists Anonymous,

All other Twelve-Step programs that use the Twelve-Steps of Recovery based on the original Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.



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