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A guide for dealing with spirituality and the God thing in 12-Step Recovery with integrity.

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Ideal for recovery centers and professionals working with clients using the Twelve-Step model.

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This book is about spirituality in recovery - your way! It includes tools, examples, and stories for developing your own unique spiritual recipe, no matter what your beliefs.

Excellent for anyone in recovery -- a lifesaver for newcomers and a new spiritual sparkle for oldtimers.

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Professionals in the recovery field had this to say:

"An easy path to discovering spiritual consciousness for persons who are seeking recovery from addictions but who are having difficulty with the 'GOD ISSUE.' "
-- Pia Mellody,
Author of Facing Codependence and Facing Love Addiction.

"This book gives the permission we need (and rarely feel we have) to find our own personal spiritual path, our own beliefs. The title should have been 'Nobody can tell me what to believe.' A very useful, special book to own."
-- Judy Tatelbaum, MSW, Psychotherapist, and Author of The Courage to Grieve and You Don't Have to Suffer.

More About The Book

Spiritual Meatloaf provides safe passage through the minefield of resistance, disbelief, and doubt about spirituality in recovery. It revives hope for many new to recovery, including agnostics and atheists, and also guides those in later stages of recovery who are rethinking their ideas about God.

In approximately 160 pages, Spiritual Meatloaf offers ideas for customizing a personal spirituality, and integrates this new-found spirituality directly with the Twelve Steps. While its approach is new, the basic formula is actually well established. The book Alcoholics Anonymous explains on page 569:

We find that no one need have difficulty with the spirituality of the program..

Spiritual Meatloaf eases the road to an individually defined spirituality with a varied approach:

  • Uses real stories from people in Twelve-Step recovery programs.

  • Clarifies the “basic requirements” of Twelve Step spirituality.

  • Includes questions and exercises.

  • Provides specific ideas for building a personal spiritual foundation based on individual beliefs.

The book also draws from and refers to existing resources, including a tongue-in-cheek but helpful national online questionnaire that matches readers’ beliefs with existing world philosophies and religions. It also includes quotations and abbreviated stories and other relevant information.

The back matter includes:

  • an extensive index

  • a resource section with information about related books and resources.

People are reaching for Twelve-Step help at earlier stages and in larger numbers than ever. Additionally, Courts of Law have greatly contributed to recent increases in recovery facility clients as well as the membership of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Many of these newcomers will arrive with the resistance to spirituality that is addressed in this book.

Spiritual Meatloaf is excellent for all members of the Twelve-Step community, as well as counselors specializing in substance abuse and behavioral disorders, marriage and family therapists, mental-health and rehabilitation counselors, social workers, members of the clergy, and the many recovery program facilities.

The author, Patricia Major, CTACC, conducts workshops for in-house clients and staff. To contact her directly: pmajor@spiritualmeatloaf.com, or call (831) 661-0887. All inquiries are warmly welcomed.









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The information in this book relates to all Twelve-Step programs, including:

Alcoholics Anonymous,
Narcotics Anonymous,
Cocaine Anonymous,
Overeaters Anonymous, Smokers Anonymous,
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous,
Debtors Anonymous,
Gamblers Anonymous,
Nicotine Anonymous,
Adult Children of Alcoholics, Clutterers Anonymous,
Dual Recovery Anonymous,
Spenders Anonymous,
Vulgarity Anonymous,
Emotional Health Anonymous,
Dual Disorders Anonymous,
Marijuana Anonymous,
Recovering Couples Anonymous,
Professional Artists Anonymous,

All other Twelve-Step programs that use the Twelve-Steps of Recovery based on the original Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

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